How To Lose Weight While Eating
June 23, 2016
The 3 Weight Loss Mindsets, Which One Are You?
June 23, 2016


“Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people fail in losing weight is an inability to get past cravings when it comes to food. One part of your mind is telling you one thing, “don’t eat it, you know it’ll only go onto your thighs” and “you’ll just feel guilty about it later”, while another part of your mind, your subconscious mind (who ultimately makes your decisions) is yelling Have It!

And of course after much deliberation, where you are the only loser, you end up having it. Maybe for you, the experience is not as dramatic as that, but the fact remains, if you are overweight right now, it is most likely because of your food rituals, those food habits that you engage in on a regular basis, the things that you eat every day.

{See a simple and practical exercise at the end of this short article that helps to beat these cravings}

I-can-I-cantIt’s your subconscious rules that are responsible for all of this, for your behaviours and beliefs. Including eating. And if you wish to change these behaviours and beliefs, you need to do so at the subconscious levels.

You see we are all programmed by the experiences of our lives. Some of us are programmed to be fit and healthy while others are programmed to be unfit and unhealthy. Programming itself isn’t the issue, the real issue here is whether that programming is beneficial to you and if it is not, how can you go about changing it.

Maybe your programming, when it thinks about chocolate, says YES, Go for it. While at the same time, that “other” part of your mind is giving you a hard time about it! If this is you, or if you can at least recognise these tendencies in your life, you simply need to alter that programming.

Your subconscious mind needs to be able to equate chocolate (or whatever junk foods you eat too much of) with the horrible feeling of your jeans not fitting, or looking in the mirror and hating what you see, or stepping onto the weighing scales and realising you’ve put on another 5 pounds, or even feeling self-conscious about yourself in certain situations. This is what your subconscious programming needs to feel when it thinks about junk food.

Your subconscious thinking process needs to have the real cause and effects made known to it. Do you think it would continue to alert you to junk foods and compel you to consume them if it got negative feelings from them?

No. Of course it wouldn’t.

img-depressionRemember your subconscious mind does not like to feel uncomfortable. So it stops alerting you to those foods. It doesn’t want the new feelings that are attached to them. This is when you start to notice real change occur. When you walk through a shop and don’t even look at the chocolate or when desserts and pastries arrive at work, and you’re not even interested in them. Because you are in control.

While hypnosis is probably the quickest and most complete way of ensuring you do this right, there are other ways, one of which I am going to show you now.


Simply remember, bring to mind or imagine one of those horrible feelings you get when you stand on the weighing scales and realise you’ve put up another 5 pounds, or you realise your jeans no longer fit you (or whatever it is that bothers you about being overweight). Actually allow yourself to re-experience the pain and the negative emotions from that situation. While you are doing this, bring to mind a picture or pictures of those foods (Junk foods, fatty foods, etc.) and let the feelings and images merge in your mind. It’s actually that simple!

It only takes two minutes but is a seriously powerful technique. It has the effect of reprogramming you away from those junk foods, only in a way that you are in full control of. Do this daily to really notice your eating habits become much healthier without the struggle of going on diets. You’ll notice that the changes kind of begin to happen almost automatically.