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June 23, 2016
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Why is it that weight management comes so easily to some and so difficult to others? Why do some people love nothing more than regular exercise and others feel sick just at the thought? Why is it so easy for some people to head out for a quick walk on a daily basis while others can’t bring themselves to leave the couch?
The answer is all in the mindset. Your mindset.

So how can you start to shape your mind to think like naturally slim people do and start losing weight easily to achieve lasting results?

img-weight-loss3A really good start is to put a stop to the “Diet Starts Next Week Mentality”.
There is never a right time to start a diet, a new weight loss program, or to start creating your new healthy lifestyle. Have you ever told yourself you’ll start next week or next month or after a certain time or thing or event is over? To do that is to give in to an unhealthy thought or belief that losing weight shouldn’t be an enjoyable process.

Maybe the diet does start Monday, but by Wednesday you are bored or had a stressful day or an argument with a work colleague or partner and you think to yourself, to hell with it, I deserve a take away or chocolate or beer or whatever it is you need to be cutting out. You end up cheating, and then you are soon back to your old unhealthy ways, waiting for the next week to come around so you can go through the whole struggle yet again. Failure after miserable failure.

So, here’s a quick explanation of the 3 Different Weight Loss Mindsets reflecting how people feel and think about weight loss, eating, exercise and lifestyle.

1. Overweight people who constantly struggle to lose weight. Generally, people in this group share some of the following beliefs and patterns of thinking:

  • You believe that weight loss is hard, is a struggle,
  • You may get more satisfaction from fatty foods and sweet foods than most,
  • You may eat like this to comfort eat,
  • You will struggle with willpower concerning food choices,
  • You may too easily give in to temptations,
  • You may experience high levels of cravings for fatty foods.
  • With regards to healthy foods like salads and vegetables.
  • You might see them as boring, or
  • You might not like the taste, much preferring fatty foods to satisfy yourself.
  • You will see exercise as a chore, you will not enjoy it, or find it hard to commit to. 
  • You will be of the mindset that “my weight loss program starts next week”.

2. Naturally slim people who don’t even need to think about weight loss. If you are in this group, you will share a lot of the following beliefs and patterns of thinking:

  • You don’t understand how people struggle with their weight,
  • Being slim just comes naturally to you and you never struggle with your weight.
  • You love healthy food, you find it nutritious, delicious and you really enjoy eating it.
  • You may enjoy but never get cravings for chocolate, sweets, or fatty foods.
  • You love leading an active lifestyle and exercising is just a normal part of your daily life,
  • You have lots of energy and can’t comprehend why some people struggle to exercise and see it as a chore
  • You rarely think about and never to worry about your weight.

So, maybe having read the two mindsets above, you find yourself in the first group but would much rather be in the second group where weight loss just starts happening naturally for you.

This is the exact aim of our weight loss programs at Dublin Hypnosis Clinic. They will naturally change your mindset from someone who wants to lose weight but struggles to someone who naturally lives a healthy lifestyle, is slim and healthy and never worries about their weight ever again.

However, there is one thing missing – it is quite a jump to go from person 1. to 2. so instantly – but there is a third group of people:

3. People who were overweight, then something changed inside their mind and they finally released all that weight successfully.

These people used to be overweight and struggling, perhaps like yourself, perhaps yo-yo dieting or always starting a new diet “next week”, but then something happened and they finally changed, something just “clicked” in their minds. Like a light bulb moment. Things became clear for them and they decided it’s now or never, weight loss starts NOW, this time it is for real!

When their mindsets changed, there was nothing left holding them back, they changed their behaviour, their eating habits and their whole lifestyle.

It wasn’t a struggle anymore or a difficult, they were just motivated and energized and determined. but more than anything, with their new mindset it just felt right, it felt natural, it was the right thing to do!
Different things in your life can make these changes occur but if it hasn’t happened for you yet and you want to make sure it does, an individually tailored hypnotic program will do just that for you. It unlocks the keys to creating your perfect weight loss mindset, where you end the struggle forever and start living a natural and healthy lifestyle just because it feels right for you.

Dublin Hypnosis Clinic has worked tirelessly for years creating a suite of hypnotic weight loss programs that are designed specifically to create the perfect weight loss mindset inside of you. So, if you’ve struggled in this area in the past, help is at hand. All you have to do is ask us for it.