The Sugar Energy Fallacy
February 2, 2016


So, you want to lose weight but you hate exercising. You especially hate the thought of having to drag yourself down to a “hardass” gym at stupid o’clock in the morning for a session that you hate, or worse still might be the thought of having to go out “in public”, “in your tracksuit” to run the streets near to your house, sweating all the way until you fall back in the front or back door 20 minutes later. Ugh! You hate exercise!

Or, do you?

Well maybe, just maybe, it’s not exactly exercise you hate as much as it is the specific type of exercise that you hate.

Consider this.

You know your body is a finely tuned and complex organism.

Fast-Fat-Burning-ExercisesYou know that in order to keep it running smoothly, that there are certain things it needs. Good diet. Nutrients to give you energy. Sunlight. Water. Movement. (Regular movement of muscles limbs to burn off calories)

Sometimes we mix up the idea of movement with exercise. Or worse still we constrain ourselves to the idea that exercise is only done in a gym or in your tracksuit. It is done there. Yes. But it is also so much more beyond that.

Exercise doesn’t have to be running the streets or sweating it out at the gym. It can be. This is useful exercise that does tend to give quicker results, but if you are the type of person that scoffs at the idea of the gym or wouldn’t be seen dead in you tracksuit pounding the local streets, you don’t have to be restricted any longer.

There are so many ways to exercise. And it can be so much fun. When you really think about it, exercise and exercising to maintain fitness is all about movement of the body. Getting your limbs, joints, muscles and bones all working in together in perfect harmony. This is what you need. On a regular basis.

With this in mind I have decided to create a list of all the exercise options you have available to you, whether you have time or not, whether you have kids to look after or not, whether you have money or not. Some things that you may already be doing and some things you may not have thought of yet. (A few of which are certainly worth doing!)

Some are enjoyable and some are…… let’s just say they’re best seen as gentle opportunities every day to be more active. Have a read through and see what jumps out at you. Notice those activities that you can see working for you and also notice all the “low hanging fruit”, the easy ways you can get exercise done.


50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Exercise

  1. Take a dance class
  2. Gardening
  3. Walking the stairs (Instead of taking the lift)
  4. Walking to the shop and local amenities if possible
  5. Preparing meals in a kitchen (on your feet!)
  6. Hill walkingexercise-supplements-football
  7. Salsa
  8. Set dancing
  9. Fitness or exercise Meetup groups
  10. Bootcamps
  11. Cross Fit
  12. Swimming
  13. Tennis
  14. Squash
  15. Yoga
  16. Sauna
  17. Cycle
  18. Treadmill
  19. Leg raises (sitting and standing)
  20. Youtube workouts for 15-30 mins (They’re free!)
  21. Squats
  22. Sit ups
  23. Sunday strolls
  24. Zumba
  25. Playing with your child in the garden or park
  26. Football (5-a-side with friends)
  27. Nature walks
  28. Playground activity with your children
  29. Climbing
  30. Pilates
  31. Cleaning and tidying
  32. Washing dishes
  33. Hoovering
  34. Stretching exercises
  35. Sex
  36. Joining neighbourhood tidy towns committees
  37. Ironing
  38. Cutting firewood
  39. Farming tasks
  40. Join a walking group
  41. Lose weight for charity (eg. Friends sponsor you €1 per lb of weight lost)
  42. Lose the remote
  43. Walk to and from work (if feasible)
  44. Visit the beach
  45. Decorating
  46. Go to Museums
  47. Do walking city tours
  48. Visit historical sites (Newgrange, Hill of Tara etc.)
  49. Organise trips with your friends (eg. Glendalough for a few hours)
  50. Walk the dog

So there you have it.

50 simple and easy ways to get your body moving. Some of these things you may already be doing on a daily basis, others not.

My hope for you is that you look out for opportunities from this point forward to get doing as many of the 50 tips that you can and that you realise that keeping fit and healthy doesn’t have to be about the gym. You can live a healthy lifestyle in a fun and easy way. So, get out there. See the world, Explore your country and city. Take the kids places. Join walking groups. Meet new people. Keep the house clean and tidy. Get the old bike out. Get down to the swimming pool. Get active in as many ways as possible. And have FUN!

That’s all for now.

jog run exercise workout_774_500

Hope you enjoyed reading and are already thinking of ways to get more movement (exercise) done on a regular basis. Who knows you may even be able to enjoy the washing and ironing from now on, knowing that you’re burning calories all the way!


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