*Disclaimer – As with all things mind related, results may vary from client to client and willpower may be required.

We can help you achieve success in many areas of your life, but here’s how our hypnosis for business owners programme gave a new perspective to one client who came to see us, deeply unhappy with where his company was heading.stressed business man

He felt that the fun had gone out the business. The vision he’d once had was now a dim and distant memory. The business seemed to have taken over his life, demanding more and more of his time and money. It had become not so much an exciting entrepreneurial venture, but a dull job with long, long hours … and increasingly little reward for all the effort he put in, yet he couldn’t just walk away from it.

Under constant time pressure, he was continually pestered by disgruntled clients, which made him tense and anxious as he waited for the next angry phone call or email. Not surprisingly, constant fire-fighting meant that he had no opportunity to take a strategic overview of the business, while stress meant that his personal productivity was heading further and further downwards.

Staff were also becoming rebellious, and some had already left. Many of those who stayed were unenthusiastic and disengaged from their work.
It was obvious that the business was no longer working for him and had become a burden. At some point soon he knew that either he or the business, and probably both, were in for a crash landing.

He needed to find a way forward but had no idea what to do. He was stuck. He came to us because he knew that responsibility for sorting things out lay with him and that he had to take control of himself first before he could take control of the business.

As we got into the strategy session, I could see that, like many of our other clients, much of the problem revolved around anxiety and fear of what others thought of him.

“He had come to think of himself in a very negative and dis-empowering way, so no longer saw himself as a confident, successful business person, but as someone who was being battered down by circumstance. ”

The first step to putting things right was to help this client see his business in a new and more positive light.

By removing the negative associations with it, he was immediately able to see the business’s potential once more, which then enabled him to retake control and make plans for getting from where he was to where he wanted to be.

After just the first session in our hypnosis for business owners programme, as we took him beyond the fears that he had been experiencing, our client had already begun to feel more upbeat about the future,
we were giving him his ‘hypnotic edge’.

While the first session focused on finding the problem and fixing it quickly and effectively through hypnosis, our follow-up sessions focused more on building self-esteem and self-worth.

Finally, we took him into a ‘hypnotic state’, in which he saw the business as he wanted it to be in the months and years ahead, and visualised how he was going to make this happen.

In this hypnotic state, his vision of a successful business effectively became a ‘memory from the future’, something warm, familiar, and of course achievable, given that it had already happened. With that, the barriers that had been holding him back for so long suddenly came down.

And while our main job is now done, the client still returns to us for top up ‘mind massages’ that help keep the stress away.
We can help you too.

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