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June 23, 2016
How To Lose Weight While Eating
June 23, 2016


Yes. Ditch the diet.

This may sound like music to the ears of so many who have tried and failed over and over again in all manner of diets in the past. And it is good news because diets, for all their empty promises, are essentially set up to fail. The reason you may have failed with diets in the past though is not really your fault, there’s every chance that diet was never going to work in the first place. But why is this?

img-weight-loss2Let me explain, think about any diet you’ve ever done in the past. Doesn’t it, at some level, feel like you are setting yourself up for failure or that you are depriving yourself of all the good things in life? Whenever you go on a diet, it feels like you are depriving yourself. And who likes to feel deprived? Not anyone I know.
You are in effect telling your mind that there’s not enough food. Think about that for a moment if you will. Your mind (the human mind) has been programmed for millions of years to survive. So if it believes at any stage, that there’s not enough food around, wouldn’t it make sense to eat whatever is there in order to survive? Therefore when any food is around, you eat it. The most sensible thing to do is to eat whatever is there, increase your fat reserves and keep you alive for longer. So normally, without you’re really being aware of it, that’s what your mind does.

For any of you who have tried to diet in the past, and failed, it’s not surprising that you have struggled or even gained weight.

Now, when you go right to the root of where the problem is, your subconscious mind, instead of telling it that there’s going to be more famine (therefore more reason to stockpile) you could instead tell it that there’s so much food, that you simply don’t need it anymore.

The other thing with diets is that they generally tend to have end dates on them. Maybe you started a diet in the past, a few weeks before a wedding, a holiday or an upcoming event that you wanted to look your best for, then stopped dieting just as quickly only to put the weight back on again?

Rather than remaining stuck in the yoyo diet guilt trap, wouldn’t it be much easier to finally break free completely. You don’t so much lose weight as much as you “release weight”. When you lose something, you want to get it back, when you “release” it, you set it free forever!

img-food-choice-menReleasing weight is not done with fad diets, to get long term results you simply start by making some lifestyle shifts and changes to your rituals. For example, if one of your rituals is to wash down a tasty pastry every morning with a highly calorific coffee, you need to stop. If you have a ritual of “grazing” throughout the day or evening, you need to stop, if you have a fizzy drink every day, you need to stop, if you have chips with lunch every day, you need to stop.

The simplest thing to do is become aware of the rituals that are keeping you locked in the weight loss/weight gain struggle. Only by first becoming aware of them can you then identify them as something you need to change.
You can still go out for dinner with friends, you can still enjoy your life to the fullest (even more so, as you gain confidence from getting slimmer) and you can continue to shed the pounds and kilos without having to hold your life hostage to the scourge of the diet!

A little known stat that may surprise you is that only 1 in 20 diets ever end in long term weight loss. 1 IN 20! This means that by “going on a diet” you are giving yourself a 95% chance of failing in your objective of losing weight long term.

Not great odds, I’m sure you’d agree. Ditch the Diet!