*Disclaimer – As with all things mind related, results may vary from client to client and willpower may be required.

Corporate hypnotherapy motivation for Employed Professionals creates harmony and high production in the workplace.

An on site visit to your office by The Dublin Hypnosis Clinic is a great investment for your staff and your company. We work with groups and also individually with employees in confidential hypnotherapy appointments. Sessions motivate staff allowing you to get the most out of them whilst caring for their welfare. Employees feel appreciated as you invest in your staff which restores balance to their health and stress levels increasing productivity in your company. Hypnotherapy can benefit sales people by improving their sales techniques and ability in closing sales. Follow up techniques taught to employees and sales CD’s/MP3/Downloads encourage staff to continue to benefit from the sessions in the future.

It is estimated that 1in 5 employee are suffering with stress according to the Health and safety HSE figures. Stress stops people from performing to their best and prevents people from using thier skills in the best way.

Many sales people seek individual appointments regularly with The Dublin Hypnosis Clinic.

Motivation techniques help restore confidence to sales teams.

Hypnotherapy dissolves work place frictions, stress and fatigue.

Hypnotherapy inspires employees to work to their true potential

Hypnotherapy creates good communication skills

Hypnotherapy increases efficiency by staff prioritising in the best way

Hypnotherapy restores Focus and clarity

Hypnotherapy increases sales figures

Companies of Employees We've Worked With

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