Experts in all things Hypnosis. This is training for those who wish to become elite level hypnotists
Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Training

Would you like a new career where you get to make a real difference in peoples lives?

Would like to have an amazing power to affect real change in people’s lives just by the power of your words.

Hypnosis skills can provide you with this and so much more.

Here at Dublin Hypnosis Clinic our passion is to help people to change their lives around in an instant. If you would also like to do this, why not contact us here about our amazing training programs.

This training is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced because teach you the A to Z of how to help your clients whether they want to Quit Smoking, Lose weight, overcome depression, anxiety, insomnia or to get rid of unwanted habits.

You can choose to do a full training of all modules with us or you can choose to do individual modules designed specifically around the individual treatments we offer.

Weekend or Evening Training available in class, online or as one to one training and coaching.

Our modules include:

Quit Smoking

Weight Loss

Overcome Anxiety and Panic

Hypno Antidepressant

Unwanted behaviours

Overcoming Phobias

Pain Elimination

How to hypnotise effectively

Regression Therapy

The business side of therapy