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Dublin Hypnosis Clinic are renowned amongst the hypnosis community in Ireland and abroad for it’s unique and highly successful approach to Quit Smoking Therapy.

That’s because our approach to quit smoking hypnosis allows us to help you quit smoking without suffering any of the craving’s and withdrawal symptoms usually associated with quitting an addictive substance, which means our clients quit and stay quit.

By now, we have helped possibly over 1000 lifetime smokers to quit smoking for good and to do so in a manner that leaves them with feelings of achievement and personal pride, rather than loss and feeling deprived.

We aim to give you complete freedom from smoking so that you simply will not care about it anymore. No withdrawals, no weight gain, not constantly on your mind, just freedom. Kind of like you never smoked in the first place.

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Due to unprecedented demand for Quit Smoking sessions during the Coronavirus lockdown, we have decided to offer a half price option.

The half price session is still done on Zoom, you still tune in from the comfort of you own home and the session is the exact same. The only difference is that you are not the only person tuning in. Other than that, the session is still the exact same as you would have at the full €350 price and your privacy remains intact.


Quit in 1 hour

(Individually tailored to you)

  Time and date will be arranged after payment


Quit in 1 hour

(Half Price Option)

Every second Tuesday at 7pm

Awarded Best Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice in Ireland 2019 & 2020

A quick look at our google reviews will show you we are the best rated and reviewed Hypnosis Clinic in the country.

  • Conor here, hope you're keeping well. Just a quick update,5 weeks on and still off the smokes 😀 Some change to go from 20/30 a day to cold turkey after 1 session. Thanks a lot,would highly recommend 👍👍
  • Hi Cormac, I'm 2 years a non smoker next week! You told me it would be easy and it was. I'm not sure how you rewired my brain but from day 1 I've not been bothered by smoke or to be around smokers. I can honestly say that I haven't even had what I would call a strong craving. Thank you for making me a non-smoker! You've added years to my life. Joe
  • Cormac is fantastic. 5 years ago I attended Cormac's clinic for the treatment of anxiety.I have recently returned for the treatment of stress,low self esteem and anxiety.I have felt empowered and in control of my life finally.Cormac has an excellent rapport with his clients and fantastic people skills.He has a great understanding of his clients needs.I would highly recommend Cormac as he has changed my whole outlook on life. Lynn Sarah
  • I was suffering with sleeping difficulties for just over a year. I tried everything and as a last resort decided to try hypnosis. I went to see Cormac and after just 1 session I felt completely different. I have never slept better and am less anxious in general. Thanks so much Cormac. -Andrea Redmond
  • An excellent experience. I haven't smoked since and dont need to either. Complete change to my life and long may it continue. I would highly recommend this service, and have to family and friends. Thanks again Cormac -Glen Synnott