how to deal with coronavirus anxiety
How to Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety
March 25, 2020
skype hypnosis with dublin hypnosis

Lots of people have been asking about the actual effectiveness of skype hypnosis or online hypnosis, so I have decided to address that here. 

Disclosure right from the start. I happen to love the one to one meeting for hypnotherapy. I like to meet and greet and share a space with my clients physically. I think it leads to greater connection and rapport.

I am also a hypnosis trainer, many of the hypnotherapists currently practicing in Ireland have trained under me at some point and they would tell you the importance I put on meeting my client face to face.

However, in the current Covid-19 situation and lockdown etc, I’ve had to ask myself, is it really necessary that I share the room with a client for hypnosis? The honest answer is no. (Despite my own personal preferences)

I get lots of requests from overseas clients to work with them through online hypnosis and have been doing so for years. To be honest, they are getting as good of results consistently as my in clinic clients in South Dublin.

The thing is when you go into hypnosis, its just my voice you hear anyways. So, whether that’s through speakers or direct really doesn’t make all that much difference. The real change you are getting is still happening deep in your mind. Infact, the way I go into hypnosis myself is through recordings all the time. I record it, then play it. So you can see how online hypnosis can still have the same effect.

So, experience wise, of course its always nice to meet face to face, but in actual terms of effectiveness of hypnosis and the changes you are capable of, it makes no difference at all. 

If you wish to have an online hypnosis session, you will need to be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, be comfortable (a nice chair or bed is good) and have your phone or device fully charged or plugged in.

You can leave the rest to us.

During this Covid-19, Dublin Hypnosis Clinic will work with you to keep you mentally strong throughout. Please LIKE our Facebook page for details of FREE group anxiety management online hypnosis sessions. For those of you who would like the specific care and attention that only a one to one session can deliver, please contact us via the contact form on this page to organise your personal Zoom or Skype hypnosis session. We are here to help.

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