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Feeling edgy and out of sorts? Feeling overwhelmed? It may be that life’s daily demands and stresses are affecting you in a negative way.


Current research now demonstrates the negative effect of stress upon our bodies. It is quite sobering, indeed. We are learning now that the effects of stress are even more profound than even realized before. Stress not only alters our bodies – it alters our minds as well. Prolonged stress can sensitize the body and create changes in brain chemistry. The onslaught of these stress chemicals has been shown scientifically to correlate with disease.


So here’s the good news~

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to minimize this effect. Hypnosis will guide you into a place calmness and relaxation. There are so many positive benefits of having a relaxed body; you can release tension, lower your blood pressure, make better decisions, have more energy, and achieve a state of well being.


stress reduction


  • Hypnosis helps us make reduce the clutter -– in our homes and in our minds.
  • Hypnosis enables us accept the things we cannot change -– without judgment.
  • Hypnosis assists us in feeling more energized.
  • Hypnosis leads to more fulfillment and well-being
  • Hypnosis allows us to both reduce the amount of stress we experience as well as learning to manage the stress we do have in our lives.


We learn to take control and to make time for ourselves. We are guided towards accepting ourselves without judgment and releasing our self-limiting blocks. We learn new responses to old triggers.

*Disclaimer – As with all things mind related, results may vary from client to client and willpower may be required.