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Cormac Colleran Adv. Hip. MIHA ICHI is a vastly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Skills Coach. He has dedicated many thousands of hours, of his life towards developing, honing and perfecting his hypnotic skills to the point that he is now highly regarded as one of the top young hypnotherapists practicing in Ireland today. “His incredible understanding of how your mind works, allied with his unique ability to consistently connect with clients are what mark him out from his peers.” This unique ability allows him to get directly to the source of the problem (that which is preventing you from moving on and making the changes you want) and guide you quickly and easily to the solutions that’s right for you. You will begin to notice the positive feelings straight away.

I’ve never believed in a one size fits all philosophy, therefore with each and every client I see ,I treat everyone as an individual with their own individual circumstances and their own individual needs, which means that you get only the treatment that is tailored for you and is right for you.

It is this philosophy that has allowed Cormac to achieve the phenomenal success he has with his clients. An example of this is his approaching 90% success rate with Quit Smoking clients in ONLY ONE session. Cormac’s background includes business development and quality management roles in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical sectors. He is a highly competent business development coach who understands the process of transformation in both business and people. He is highly professional and approachable. He has a passion for people and a passion for change. He is friendly and confident and understands how to make a client feel at ease so that you can focus on getting the changes you want, even sooner. Cormac currently has his practice in the village centre of Blackrock in South Co. Dublin. (2 mins walk from DART station)

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As of February 2020, Dublin Hypnosis Clinic are very pleased to announce the acquisition of the wonderfully talented Hypnotherapist Seamus Foley to our ranks. Seamus has been on our radar for a very long time due to his excellent work at the Marino Therapy Centre. It is our privilege to have him onboard now as a senior Therapist and Weight Loss Expert.

Seamus is a highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 10 years on the job experience specialising in the treatment of weight loss, anxiety, phobias, anxieties and addictions. He believes that there is no other mind therapy that can bring about such powerful changes in the lives of individuals. As such Seamus has dedicated the past decade or more of his life becoming one of the top practicing hypnotherapists in Ireland today. Seamus is passionate about helping his clients to affect positive change and achieve their life’s desire. He is dedicated to help every person who presents at the clinic in a very professional manner. His warm, friendly and highly insightful approach to his clients will help to make your hypnotherapy session a pleasant, comfortable and above all empowering experience. If you are ready for significant change in your life, Seamus can help you to get there as his countless happy clients will also attest to.


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  • David Wicklow
    I have tried several forms of therapy to quit smoking over the last 17 years having spent hundreds of euro on patches, gum,sprays and other miracle treatments none of which worked for any length of time beyond 2-3 weeks I decided to give hypnosis a shot having got a reference from my good friend (ex 40 cigs a day friend !!) that this had worked for him and hasn’t smoked since I have to say I am delighted with the service that I received very calming and professional and most important it has worked for me to I have been smoke free for over a year now and hope never to smoke again thanks to hypnosis.
    David Wicklow
  • Andrew Dublin
    I was a smoker for 16 years. I had tried many times to give up smoking but was unsuccessful. I now no longer wake up thinking of a cigarette or even that of being a smoker. One morning session with Cormac in Blackrock Hypnosis has proven to be one of the most positive steps I have taken. I was unsure as to whether I would be responsive to Hypnotherapy, and I’m really delighted to say that I have been and this treatment is successful. I’m happy to be a non-smoker!
    Andrew Dublin