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Anxiety and Panic


“The worst thing about people who suffer from panic or anxiety in their lives is that they don’t know that it can be cured. They don’t know that they don’t have to go through their lives living with this anxiety. Too many people are needlessly suffering and have no idea that it can be cured.” -Cormac Colleran, Dublin Hypnosis Clinic


At Dublin Hypnosis Clinic, we aim to change all that.

We have helped hundreds of people to change their lives around, to let go of anxiety and start to live richer more fulfilling lives.

In a few short sessions you will notice your troubles, worries and anxieties simply melt away while you are left with a wonderfully positive, uplifting and confidence boosting aura about you. Many people have described it as like walking on air or a weight of a lifetime simply being lifted off their shoulders.


Anxiety is like a fear, a fear of what might happen in the future. And like any fear, it can be defeated. You were not born with anxiety in you, it is something that you picked up and learned through the different experiences of your life.

Sometimes people pick it up from their parents or guardians, sometimes from stressful situations in their lives and nearly all the time, you were not aware that you were learning anxiety when it was happening.


Every human being is born with only two fears,

  • the fear of falling and
  • the fear of sudden loud noises.


Every other fear (or anxiety) that any human being ever has, has been learned.

And the good news is, that if you can learn it, you can unlearn it.


That what hypnosis helps us to do.


It helps us to go to that point or points in time in yourlife where you learned to be anxious and to simply relook at it with the benefit of hindsight and adult logic.

That’s the mechanics, what you will actually notice is simply a relaxing, pleasant and uplifting experience where all your troubles, anxieties and worries seem to just melt away.


If you’ve had enough of suffering anxiety in your life, help is at hand. Act Now. Call us to start taking back control over your life so that you can live your life free of anxiety.

It’s in your hands.

We’re here to help.

It’s what we do!