Weight loss
Weight loss

This is How You Train Your Brain to Be Slim

  “The body achieves what the mind believes” So, how can you get your mind to believe? The answer is quiet simple, it is something you already know how to do and it is something that is used by top sports people around the world. It is called visualisation! When you think of what you are going to do with your weekend, you are visualising. When you think about what you are going to eat for dinner, you are visualising. In fact, in order for you [...]

Benefits of Wearing a Pedometer

IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW DUBLIN HYPNOSIS CLINIC CAN HELP YOU, CLICK HERE Simple device proven to help you lose weight, reduce stress, decrease your chances of diabetes and cancer, reduce your blood pressure and...... we’re giving them away for free! A Pedometer is a simple and stylish device that you wear like a wrist watch that actually calculates every step you take in a given day. It also tells you How much calories you have burned [...]

The 3 Weight Loss Mindsets, Which One Are You?

IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW DUBLIN HYPNOSIS CLINIC CAN HELP YOU, CLICK HERE Why is it that weight management comes so easily to some and so difficult to others? Why do some people love nothing more than regular exercise and others feel sick just at the thought? Why is it so easy for some people to head out for a quick walk on a daily basis while others can’t bring themselves to leave the couch? The answer [...]




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